Pitch Perfect 2


Rare is the sequel that betters the original film, and sadly ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ falls perfectly into this trap. I must first preface this by saying that the original ‘Pitch Perfect’, upon seeing it on New Year’s Eve 2012 it immediately became one of my favourite films of the year. While this was completely unexpected, I love that stupid film and was excited to hear that they were making a second.

As a result of that, I may have been looking forward to the sequel a tad too much and as a result it never could have lived up to my expectations. That being said, there are still some good moments in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’, but sadly not as many as in ‘Pitch Perfect’.

As someone that doesn’t necessarily watch these kinds of films, I can honestly say what kept me in the entire first viewing of both films was the songs and the a cappella nature of what we were seeing. Unfortunately, ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ at times just piggy backed the story from the original film, almost beat for beat, much to the detriment of its audience. One can only hope that 2017’s ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ will be able to find a proper balance of following what has happened but giving us something new.

In the end, ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ was an almost identical plot as ‘Pitch Perfect’ and as a result of the music not being quite on par with the original, the sequel felt like nothing more than a cash grab at times and as a result is my most disappointing film of 2015 so far.

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