Escape Plan


As the 80’s action star team-up film becomes more prevalent from Hollywood, what we are getting is quite the mix of good, bad and just plain bland.  One of the films that is going to end up in the bland category is ‘Escape Plan’, featuring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The problem with films like ‘Escape Plan’ is that it would have been an amazing sight twenty years ago, but today feels like actors just looking to collect a pay check, much to the dismay of audiences everywhere.

Had this film come out twenty years ago, hell, even ten years ago, it would have been a marked improvement over what we ended up.  Part of the fault of this current system is the fact that European directors are looking to make a name for themselves in North America by using aging action stars in films that the actors have no interest or emotional connection to the characters that they are portraying.

Truth be told, the two people I feel fore the most in this film are in fact Stallone and Schwarzenegger.  At times you get the feeling that they are both trying to figure out exactly how to portray their characters, as if they are caught between doing their best to make the characters come to life, and horrible directing that completely drains them at other times of any desire to do the roles justice.

A tighter script and a stronger director and ‘Escape Plan’ could have actually been a fun romp with both Stallone and Schwarzenegger along for the ride.  As it is, it’s a bland two hours that could have ended up being so much more.

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