Fantastic Four (2015)

  Let’s be up front here. Firstly, the recent film releases based on Marvel Comics characters from any movie studio other than Marvel Studios have been a mixed bag at best and the poster child for this train of thought was last years ‘Fantastic Four’. Secondly, I am in no way defending the mixed bag results that the first two 20th Century Fox films based on Marvel’s First Family delivered during the last decade in any way shape or form, but at least they got part of the spirit of the characters right.

That’s the biggest issue I have with the 2015 reboot, but it is not the only issue I have with it. I will say that from a basic plot standpoint, I liked that they had the Fantastic Four being explorers, but the how and the why behind the main characters knowing each other and being a team was never fully fleshed out. This issue arises from the pre-planned sequel and not actually giving us even basic character development as the film went on.

Following up on that, the next massive downfall of ‘Fantastic Four’ was the tone of the film. We all know that audiences went bonkers for a dark and gritty Batman in the Christopher Nolan helmed Dark Knight trilogy, but not every superhero film needs to go that route, and no characters can be further from that thought than here. The Fantastic Four are a family, from the long standing marriage of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, to the playful adolescent pranks between Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, they have always been a bright, loving and joking group of characters. That is not what we got in this film.

It was dark, it was gritty, there wasn’t a playfulness that we at least got in the original two films that Fox gave us last decade. The fingerprints of Nolan’s Batman were all over this film and it was both out of touch and not needed. Whether this direction was made by director Josh Trank, producer Simon Kinberg or someone higher up at Fox, this was entirely the wrong decision.

The decision to have Victor von Doom be a combination of his physical form and his protective suit resulted in a horrible look that actually makes me long for the black leather of Fox’s X-Men franchise. Tied directly into the dark and gritty, down to earth dynamic of this film, it was really the final straw on the proverbial camel’s back.

In the end, 20th Century Fox has just never gotten the Fantastic Four right, or their main adversary Doctor Doom. It really is a shame because they were Marvel’s first team, one that has some great stories and history but just never been put to film the way we would love to see.

‘Fantastic Four’ is a tough film to rate, but, end of the day, 1  tank-smashing Thing out of 5 seems a little more than fair. I wanted to like the science based explorers, but the forced realism killed that hope quickly.

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During the past year, there have been many films that I chose to bypass seeing in the theatre, and I would have to say that the biggest of those was ‘Interstellar’. I will say this about the end result of that; I am glad that I passed on paying for a theatre ticket for it. To be completely honest, I found ‘Interstellar’ to be bland and, in the end, a science-fiction film that did not truly pique my interest.

I will give the film all the credit in the world for its visual effect. From a dying Earth to frozen landscapes and the universe in between, you can clearly see the budget that went towards that side of the film in full effect and ‘Interstellar’ benefits whole heartedly from this.

However, on the flip side of that is the sound editing. I had heard that the sound was not up to par in some theatrical visits of the film and I can say without a doubt that the editing and mixing, especially between the louder action sounds and the quieter talking scenes, did not mesh. At times I found myself missing key parts, and when you miss something or have to go back to listen to it again, it can take you completely out of the film.

The balancing act of this film however was a performance by Matthew McConaughey. McConaughey brought some real depth to the role of Joseph Cooper, and this is never more imminent than near the end of film in a scene with his daughter. I won’t go into a lot of detail to prevent a lot of spoilers, but I will say this, it tugged at my heart strings and was truly the one worthwhile part of the full film.

I really wanted to like ‘Interstellar’, but in the end I don’t feel it lives up to the hype surrounding it. As is much the case with films directed by Christopher Nolan, short of ‘Batman Begins’ I felt myself underwhelmed and wanting more.

If you are a fan of science fiction, I would say to give ‘Interstellar’ a chance, go in with an open mind and form your own opinion, but for myself, it felt like it tried to be too much science-fact instead of fiction.

Once again, sorry about the past year folks and thank you for welcoming me back. I will endeavour to put up reviews like this with some consistency moving forward once again.

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Hello world!

This is going to be my 1st kick at blogging about movies.  I figure if I am already blogging about sports, which is my 1st non human love, I might as well do the same for movies, which is my 2nd non human love.  This might get updated frequently, as I do watch a lot of movies, having been to the theatre 48 times this year already, and with us owning over 400 movies on Blu-ray, you could say we are slightly addicted.

Today is going to see us go see The Bourne Legacy.  I was a huge fan of the books by Robert Ludlum long before Matt Damon made Jason Bourne a reality on the big screen.  Now, the movies are quite different from the books, and that’s just because of the difference in the era from when the books were written to when the films were made.

As for The Bourne Legacy, I can’t wait to see what Jeremy Renner can do in a solo role, un-dependant on established big characters like in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol or The Avengers.

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