Delivery Man


Every so often, it is nice to sit down to watch what is more of an adult oriented comedy, and that is exactly what ‘Delivery Man’ was. Not a gross out comedy, not a toilet humour either, nor a romantic comedy, just a comedy with a story geared towards adults looking for some laughs.

‘Delivery Man’ is a US remake of a French-Canadian film by the title of ‘Starbuck’. Directed by the same director who did the original, Ken Scott, ‘Delivery Man’ has its ups and downs, mainly with focusing on Vince Vaughn as the lead. Telling a story of a man who, without his knowledge, had his donated sperm used to father 533, and as a result, is involved in legal proceedings when 142 of those children try to find out who their biological father is.

At his best, Vaughn has some great comedic timing, and that definitely showed throughout ‘Delivery Man’. The other side of that coin though is at times Vaughn does not carry the dramatic side necessary for the lead role in this film, which in the middle part of the film actually leads to a serious downturn in connectivity with the audience.

On the flip side, ‘Delivery Man’ features a fantastic, at-that-time, supporting turn from Chris Pratt. Released in 2013, this film struck before Pratt became a household name with roles in ‘The LEGO Movie’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Jurassic World’. Pratt is, as mentioned above, simply fantastic in this film and really shows off his comedic talents. The one downside is, as the film went on, there were times when I was hoping he would show up again, and it is unfortunate this film could not take more advantage of his talents.

At the end of the day, ‘Delivery Man’ is a slightly above average comedy that won me over via its main supporting character but lost points for a middle act that showed flaws in the choice of main actor.

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