Oliver &Company


One of my main goals as a person who watches films is to own all of the “canonical” Disney animated films. Well, this past week we came across ‘Oliver & Company’ on Blu-ray for ten dollars which meant that it was an immediate purchase for our upcoming Saturday night family movie time.

I need to lead with this, ‘Oliver & Company’ falls into the trap of many Disney animated films from the early-to-mid 1980’s, which is universally known as one of the two “lesser” points in their animation history. As a result of this, it is entirely geared towards children, and never has that been more evident than when we watched the film last Saturday.

Our two oldest boys were laughing and tapping their feet to the music, while myself and my fiancee were both very resigned to the fact that the film was not for us. The music is not up to par with future efforts from Disney during their “renaissance” era that would shortly follow ‘Oliver & Company’, and the jokes were not two-tiered, for both children and adults, which has become a staple of animated features from all companies in this day and age.

While presenting what one would have hoped was an interesting take on the Charles Dickens “Oliver Twist” story, ‘Oliver & Company’ was just another failed effort from the old Disney Feature Animation department during the 1980’s.

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