Inside Out


For those that truly know me, they know just how much I love the majority of films from Pixar. From all the way back to ‘Toy Story’ to recent films like ‘ Monsters University’, I am a fan of thirteen of the fourteen feature length films that Pixar have released to date. The downside to how they produce films is we can wind up with a year like 2014 where we don’t get a film from Pixar, but we do get two this year, and the first of those is ‘Inside Out’.

‘Inside Out’ spoke to me quite possibly like no film ever has before, and that is truly saying something. After we see films, my fiancée and I always ask each other if we enjoyed what we just saw, and when I was asked today, I looked at her with a tear in my eye and related how I’ve never really seen a film directed at me emotionally before.

Telling a story of how it is okay to be sad at times and now happy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week was interesting enough, but a story of how our emotions are actually individualized characters in our brains which work as a team to get us through our daily interactions in life is truly something to see.

After watching ‘Inside Out’ you will start to picture some of these emotions acting out during your day-to-day dealings which is quite humourous when you start to picture a red-faced Lewis Black yelling in your head. And this is what Pixar does best, that after you watch one of their films you will start to wonder if this is actually how things are.

Getting back to how ‘Inside Out’ actually spoke to me on a personal, emotional level, I will lead with this: at the age of seven, my family moved across Canada, from Calgary to Belleville, Ontario, in the process setting myself up for years of self-inflicted issues that I have never, ever truly dealt with. In ‘Inside Out’, Pixar sets up an eleven year old girl for a cross-U.S.A trip as her father moves for employment reasons.

Our emotions, which are our main characters, reactions to this and how it impacts the pre-teen girl they reside in is the main plot of this film but fully reached out to someone like myself who has gone through such a transition in life. The trick here though is that Pixar finally gives those of us who have never fully come to terms with this due to bottling things up to have a moment of self-reflection, and that is exactly what happened for me through the climax of the film and the subsequent car trip afterwards.

I have to thank Pixar for finally allowing me all of these years later to maybe finally coming to grips with one of the worst experiences of my life and realizing that, without it, I would not be here talking to each of you while having just enjoyed ‘Inside Out’ with my amazing fiancee and three wonderful sons. And I guess that is the whole point of this film.

I will end by saying this, ‘Inside Out’ is a bright, vibrant film that explores our societies recent change of outlook into emotions and even our mental health. It, as always with Pixar, is great for both children and adults, and I 100% recommend it to each and every single one of you.

As always, thanks for reading, and for more insights into not just film but life as well, feel free to follow me on Twitter at @kymayer. Cheers.


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