I must preface this article with one simple line: For one reason or another, I am not really sure, I have never seen any of the classic ‘Godzilla’ films. With that in mind, I found myself actually quite excited for Warner Bros. last collaborative effort with Legendary Pictures, the new ‘Godzilla’.

As a giant monster fight flick, ‘Godzilla’ is near perfect. As a disaster film, ‘Godzilla’ is amazing.’ As a movie interspersed with a human story, it starts to become a letdown. And that is exactly where this film starts to lose its momentum.

The plot of ‘Godzilla’, as done from the human perspective, comes across as completely pointless at the end. If you removed the all human interaction from this film except for the back story aspects, ‘Godzilla’ would have had the exact same final result.

Which brings us back to what this film really is and why people will see it and love it: The monsters and the destruction. Sadly, due to the way this film was edited, and written, Godzilla, the MUTO’s and the destruction all take a backseat at times, which really dampens  the impact of the film.

The reveal of the MUTO’s, the false reveal of Godzilla, the actual reveal of the title character and all of the fights were really well done, especially the teasing of the initial fights. I, unlike others, found that this was a great way to keep the audience baited for the film, and without this method, the two plus hour runtime would have been far too much.

In the end, ‘Godzilla’ is a really well done monster/disaster flick that has some flaws with its human-centric story, but overcomes this when it really matters most to the film.

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