The fact that I am about to present has been years in the making, but is still a bit of a shock: Liam Neeson is the only true small-budget action film star we have in this day and age. From ‘Taken’ to ‘The Grey’ to this year’s ‘Non-Stop’, Neeson has established himself as a bankable early season draw, unlike anyone else in Hollywood today.

As for ‘Non-Stop’ it is exactly the kind of film you expect it to be, while also being a little out of left field as well. A thriller that thrills, a suspense that is suspenseful, but also a film that allows you to analyze it without telegraphing the ending is a nice change of pace today.

Taking a film and placing it firmly inside of a plane for two hours is a bit of a dangerous thing to do, but that is exactly what happened in ‘Non-Stop’, and it worked damn well. By limiting the setting, Neeson was allowed to be the star that he is an carry this film to where it really had no business being: entertaining.

By no means is ‘Non-Stop’ perfect, or even great. At times it wastes the film in trying to keep the audience second guessing themselves, and Julianne Moore is wasted in a supporting role, one that is meant to throw us off the trail but one that is never convincing in doing so.

In the end, Liam Neeson proves once again that he is a bankable action star in the current day in a film that was more enjoyable than it should have been, but also a film that was short of what it could have been.

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