300: Rise of an Empire


Back in March of 2007, theatre patrons were hit with, at that time, one of the more unique films we had seen in a while. When ‘300’ opened, Gerard Butler was not a household name, Zack Snyder was nowhere near doing a ‘Superman’ reboot, and enhanced CGI slo-mo films were not a dime a dozen.

Fast forward seven years, and a prequel-sequel-companion film, ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ is out to prove that even though films like this are all over the place, when done properly they can still be a sight to behold.

Despite having Butler in a couple of scenes culled from the original and only having Snyder back as a producer, ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ does something rare in telling a story set around the same time as an original, and one that is actually a fun watch. Unlike ‘The Bourne Legacy’ back in 2012, this film doesn’t destroy the previous films by trying to be something it isn’t.

Featuring an all-new cast for the most part along with some characters from the first film, ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ tells a glorified take on the Athenian-led naval battle to defeat the Persian Empire at the Battle of Salamis. Using much of the same premises and designs from the first film, we get another unique look into a critical time in the history of Ancient Greece.

One of the most critical things to remember when it comes to the ‘300’ franchise, is that they are actually based on some of the most important events in human history. Had the Persians defeated the Greeks, the Ancient Greek era never happens, and who knows what Western civilization looks like today without that.

It is always great to see fresh takes on stories you have read about in the past, especially stories from the past, and that is exactly what we got with ‘300’ and what we are getting with ‘300: Rise of an Empire’.

For fans of the first film, this is a must see. Enjoyable, great visuals, and amazing fight scenes. Everything that we should be expecting.

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