That Awkward Moment


For any that know me, you know full well that I am not one to see films that are generally marketed as romantic-comedies. The reason for this is solely within myself, as I have long been quick to call anything that smells like a rom-com as a chick flick. While that changed slightly during 2013 with the film ‘About Time’, films like ‘That Awkward Moment’ still managed to stay well outside my general viewing area.

I do fully admit that going into ‘That Awkward Moment’ that I was treating it as a brownie point movie. I have dragged my fiancee to many different films over the past few years and this was a trade to balance that out. What I never expected from this film was to actually enjoy it, but that is precisely what happened.

While not exactly fitting into the desired demographic for this film, or most others anymore either, I was able to find myself laughing and chuckling along with the majority of this film. It is true that the “story” behind ‘That Awkward Moment’ was definitely setup to bring in a female audience, having the film be told mainly from the perspective of three male friends allowed the film to branch across to people like myself.

It is true that the acting is lacking in this film, but, for myself at least, that actually led to more enjoyment, as the actors and actresses within seemed to focus more on the comedic overtones of the film than anything else.

There are plenty of other, worse, films out there that you could suffer through, but if you are looking for something for a date flick, you could do a whole lot worse than ‘That Awkward Moment’. Take your significant other, and laugh at others misfortunes on the big screen.

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