We live in a time of reboots and remakes. There really is nothing that we can do about that anymore, and for myself personally, if there is enough of a difference between the film we get today and the original source material, I am actually kind of okay with that.

The latest film to try and fit into this mold is the remake ‘RoboCop’, giving us a new telling of the creation of a cyborg police officer. First released back in 1987, the original ‘RoboCop’ has become one of the more beloved science-fiction films of the 1980’s, along with another film that has recently been remade by Sony Pictures, ‘Total Recall’.

The big drawing part of the original ‘RoboCop’ was the sci-fi elements of the future and what could happen by resurrecting a recently deceased police officer and making him into a crime fighting cyborg. While that is definitely something that we get in this year’s remake, what we also get is another take on a political or social element like drones and our ever increasing willingness to rely on robotics.

Featuring Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson in supporting of main leads Abbie Cornish and Joel Kinnaman, the new ‘RoboCop’ may not capture the hubris of the original, but with decent enough acting and a fresh take on a story, it is a film that will be quite popular overseas, if not in North America.

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