Saving Mr. Banks


As a preface to writing about ‘Saving Mr. Banks’, I want to mention that I do not have a full recollection at anytime of having watched ‘Mary Poppins’ in full. I know I have seen it, and I, as many others will as well, remember parts of the film. The key part of knowing this is that ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ is based around Walt Disney’s final attempts to get Mary Poppins’ creator, P. L. Travers, to sign over the film rights to her character.

I have to say that this film was actually quite an emotional roller coaster. From laughs to to misty eyes at the end, ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ does a wonderful job of showing just how hard it can be being protective of something you have created, especially when that something is based on your own life.

Emma Thompson is simply fantastic as P.L. Travers and brings out the entire wide range of emotions of the film. From distant opening to heart warming middle to teary eyed finale, Thompson walks you through the bitter end to what had been a life full of sadness resulting from an inability to move beyond the depths of her childhood.

To counter that, Tom Hanks produces his second best acting job of 2013, behind his performance in ‘Captain Phillips’ as head of the Mouse House, Walt Disney. While it is always hard to find a big name actor to portray a well known real life person, Hanks does quite an amazing job in bringing a larger than life person to the big screen.

In the end, I really wish that ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ had of come to my town sooner so I could have seen it last year, as this would have one hundred percent made my top ten list for 2013. I highly recommend this to movie goers in general, and ‘Mary Poppins’ fans in particular.

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