Ride Along


The first big commercial hit of 2014 is ‘Ride Along’ featuring comedian Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. Playing off of the stereotypical buddy cop formula, this film puts a modern twist on it as the main character isn’t yet a cop.

While not ground breaking in any real way, the unique twist of the main character being a school security guard whose expertise comes from video games gave the film enough of a difference to stick out. Kevin Hart is breaking into films from his stand-up act, and a breakthrough hit like ‘Ride Along’ will go a long way into solidifying him as a star.

The main reason that ‘Ride Along’ is worth a watch is that has a January comedy, it is enough to break up the stream of films that come out at the turn of the year. All of the award season bait has been released and with high concepts and depressing themes behind us, a light-hearted comedy is just what the doctor ordered.

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One thought on “Ride Along

  1. Good review. It wasn’t the most terrible thing I’d ever seen, but it wasn’t all that great neither. Just very funny for a few bits here and there, which is mostly credited to how good Kevin Hart can be when he’s allowed to do what he wants.

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