About Time


As most of my articles about films in the past year can attest, I tend to have a leaning towards big budget action films, be they superhero comic book adaptations, sci-fi fare or just straight-up action flicks.  But every so often there comes along a film that is so far separated from anything like my normal samplings that it is a shock even to me that I enjoyed it.  ‘About Time’ is the most recent example of that.

For lack of a better description, ‘About Time’ is a romantic comedy with very slight sci-fi leanings in its major plot device.  I say a very slight sci-fi element as the film is based around the ability of the main character to travel back in time to past points in his life.

Other than that quirk, the rest of the film is exactly what you would expect, and that is not a bad thing at all.  I described it last evening not as a romantic comedy, but as a comedy with a love story made possible due to a hint of sci-fi.  While that might sound like a way for someone to justify seeing a film like ‘About Time’, it is just the way that I feel the film was made.

The best part about this film was the role played by Bill Nighy.  Nighy’s character, the father of the main character, sold this film for me, and I am not sure the film itself would have been anywhere near as good had it had a different actor in this role.  His timing and mannerisms were perfect for a father sharing a family secret with his son and everything that comes from that.

I won’t go into much more detail of the film than that, other than to say that it was a very pleasant comedy that will be a perfect date film for couples looking for some time together.  It was very sweet, and when taken the right way, nearly perfectly done.  ‘About Time’ is a great example of the kind of film that will never get made in Hollywood today, something that they have clearly forgotten how to do.

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