Ender’s Game


Yet another entry into the 2013 theatre calendar in the category of Young Adult, ‘Ender’s Game’ is quite possibly the first one of these films this year to be aimed more towards males and adults.  Based off of the 1985 novel from author Orson Scott Card, ‘Ender’s Game’ also is the latest effort in the embattled Sci-Fi genre this year as well.

Quite possibly the biggest issue for this film is just who it is for.  Is it for young adults or is it for anyone who has read the book, which brings in an audience well over the age of 30, even 40?

And in the sparsely seated theatre I was in last night, this is exactly the dilemma that is facing ‘Ender’s Game’.  A film featuring mainly young teenagers with a side dish of Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley, ‘Ender’s Game’ definitely has a feel that it at one point and time was aimed primarily at teenagers, but the feel that I got from the film is that it in the end is directly aimed at kids from the 1980’s and 1990’s in the audience.

That being said, I actually really enjoyed the film, to a certain degree.  The action scenes were enjoyable, and the “born to be the best” attitude that main character Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggin displays I found to be accurately displayed on screen to the way that the film was shown.

The downfall for me was at times the acting, and I think that falls down to the young age of many of the main characters in the film.  But, expecting this going in tempered the impact that this did have during the film.

In the end, the positives outweigh the negatives and allowed ‘Ender’s Game’ to be the third best Sci-Fi film I saw this year and the second best “original” Sci-Fi, and that really comes down to the visuals of this film.

I hadn’t mentioned the visuals yet, but they are just stunning in the film.  The thing that really jumped out at me was that these visuals seemed to be done with 3D in mind, even though the film was not shot in 3D nor was it post-converted either, and that was a bit of a surprise.  That being said, it really made for some wonderful scenes and proved that you don’t need 3D to create impactful visuals.

With that said, the visuals make this a must see for any fans of Sci-Fi, and a must see in theatres on as clear a screen, and as big a one as well, as possible.

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