Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa


Probably the main question that arose with the release of ‘Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa’ is this: Is the biggest surprise the fact that we have had three ‘Jackass’ skit movies so far, or the fact that we have gotten a fourth film based off of Johnny Knoxville’s geriatric character, Irving Zisman?

That is really what I found myself wondering last evening as I took in ‘Bad Grandpa’.  Having never watched the original show at any point and time in the past, my only real immersion into the world of ‘Jackass’ was through the three previous movies, and, to be honest, I was never a fan of the skits involving Irving Zisman on a whole.

With that being said, this film definitely has some positive moments, but not really enough to carry the entire 90 minutes or so of its run time.  When it is funny, ‘Bad Grandpa’ is  still a great example of what the ‘Jackass’ brand is.  When it isn’t, it highlights the still unsure acting abilities of Johnny Knoxville.

But then again, if you are going into this movie expecting award winning acting, that might be indicative of some other pressing issues you may be having.  As a prank movie with a “plot”, you get what you get with ‘Bad Grandpa’, and if you are a fan of the ‘Jackass’ franchise, you will get your laughs in for sure.

In the end, I guess I was just expecting more laughs and felt a little cheated by the time the credits rolled.  As for the credits themselves, long a staple of the ‘Jackass’ hi-jinxs, they were even a bit of a let down, aside from the reactions of the innocents finding out this was part of a movie.

A sure recommend for anyone that is a fan of the previous films, there isn’t much to make this a must see in theatres though.  Other than that, most people could take this as a take it or leave it movie.

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