riddickThe fact that we have gotten a third film featuring Vin Diesel as titular character ‘Riddick’ is a sign of two things.  One, that enough of his 50 million followers on Facebook wanted to see the character once again, and secondly, that Diesel has some affinity for the role with the steps he undertook to get this film into theatres.

Diesel accepted the rights to the character instead of receiving a paycheque for his brief appearance in ‘The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift’, and you could tell that he clearly wanted to return the character to its R-rated roots and away from the PG-13 aspect that ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ was saddled with.

As for ‘Riddick’ itself, if you have seen ‘Pitch Black’ of ‘Chronicles’, you know what to expect from this film.  Not much is brought forward, but the film does a good job of highlighting the fact that while Riddick may be a murderous criminal, he does have a code of honour and is a man of his word, much to the delight of long-time fans.

That being said, there really is not much more to this film.  Diesel is at his dark, brooding best, but the rest of the characters seemingly could be replaced by cardboard cutouts, as the only real heart in this film is given to a CGI jackal dog that Riddick raises from a pup to be his ally in staying alive on the planet that he is marooned on.

For fans of the franchise and the character, there is definitely enough to appease them, but for someone who hasn’t seen either, or both, of the first two films, you could wind up a little lost with what passes as a back-story in this film.

For fans, this is definitely worth a trip to the theatre to check out.  For neutrals, this would be best left to a free rental in a few months time.

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