We’re The Millers

The 2013 summer film season has seemed a little light on comedies, but the second weekend of August sees the release of ‘We’re the Millers’ starring Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston in leading roles.

While not ground breaking in any way shape or form, ‘We’re the Millers’ managed to break the monotony of too many family friendly animated films and not good enough sci-fi fare that we have seen so far this summer by giving even cheap laughs were other films have failed so far.

The one thing that I have noticed more than anything lately in films is the fact that they are trying really hard to shove stories that make no sense down our throats, and ‘We’re the Millers’ gets caught in that trap big time, but despite that, the laughs and the overall plot are more than enough to make up for it.

Once again, this is a film that is worth a watch, but not necessarily in the theatre.

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