turboThe summer of 2013 is going to become known as the summer of over saturation of family friendly films, and ‘Turbo’ is the third release to fall under that classification.  Joining ‘Monsters University’ and ‘Despicable Me 2’, ‘Turbo’ is aimed directly at young children, and some families may be exhausted after having releases every couple of weeks to start the summer.

The visuals for ‘Turbo’ are quite astounding, especially the scenes that are set at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Having watched many an Indianapolis 500 in my years, the computer generated version of both the track and the race looked fantastic.

As for the actual film itself, it was squarely aimed at children.  Taking my two young boys and listening to them laugh consistently throughout ‘Turbo’ more than made up for a real lack of sly adult humour that is usually put into animated films in this day and age.

Visually, ‘Turbo’ is one of the best looking animated films in years, but a weaker story that is aimed directly at children involving unknown characters in a summer full of established, well known and loved characters, will mean that ‘Turbo’ will require a strong life on video to prove its worth.  If you have young children, I definitely recommend ‘Turbo’, and if you have an oppourtunity to see it on a half price matinee, take advantage of it.

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