red22010’s ‘RED’ was a surprise hit, featuring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman as aged former spies thrust back into their old lives due to events from their past.  2013’s ‘RED 2’ features more of the same laughs and action as the original, and if you are a fan of the original, you will definitely enjoy the sequel.

For lack of a better term, ‘RED 2’ is a better ‘Die Hard’ than ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ was.  Bruce Willis is once again quite enjoyable in his role of retired spy Frank Moses, and his interactions with John Malkovich are once again what gives this film its heart.

Probably the best part of ‘RED 2’ for me was Anthony Hopkins in a supporting role far from anything we have really ever seen him in before.  The range in which he plays his character is also quite a nice surprise and brought some needed balance to the film this time around.  The inclusion of Hopkins also makes up for the loss of Morgan Freeman from the original as a character that brought necessary plot movement.

The action and comedy from the original were both prevalent in ‘RED 2’, which is something that has been lacking from sequels like this in the past, and that allowed this film to continue to grow its characters and develop enough of a story to make the film seem plausible, all while setting up the possibility of a third film down the road, and not having it seem like a tired, foregone conclusion.

All in all, ‘RED 2’ is a great continuation on ‘RED’ and well worth seeing, especially if you were a fan of the original.

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