Pacific Rim

pacrim‘Pacific Rim’ is one of the most ambitious original Sci-Fi films to be attempted in recent years, and as a film to feature fights between giant robots and giant underwater aliens, it definitely succeeds.

While at times seeming to channel its best Power Rangers-esque homage, ‘Pacific Rim’ is the kind of light, airy summer popcorn film that we have been missing lately with a trend towards dark, broody films as of late, and in a film that really seems to not take itself seriously, ‘Pacific Rim’ is a breath of fresh air.

The visuals are some of the best I have ever seen in a theatre, and the ability to show the Jaegers, the giant robots that are humanity’s last resort, as having the necessary wear and tear of years of service is one of the first things that I noticed in the film.  Little touches like this are what really brings me into a film.

While the acting in ‘Pacific Rim’ was definitely not Oscar-class, I was quite impressed by Idris Elba.  Elba was able to carry enough strength and gravitas in his role as Marshall Stacker Pentecost to make the organizational structure of the Jaeger program believable.  Elba is turning into another strong British actor, and his role in ‘Pacific Rim’ will not do anything to hurt that.

As a straight-forward, summer action flick, not much can beat what ‘Pacific Rim’ brings to the screen, especially for a film that really does not take itself seriously.  Guillermo del Toro fashions a fun homage to Godzilla-style films and does so with enough action to keep audiences happy.

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