The Lone Ranger


Disney has proceeded to lay another egg in the franchise building category with ‘The Lone Ranger’ from Jerry Bruckheimer, Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp, otherwise known as the people who brought us the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise.

There are definitely some good moments in this film, but they are overshadowed by the less than stellar aspects that certainly take away from the film as well.

Amongst the positives for ‘The Lone Ranger’ is Armie Hammer as the titular character.  Hammer really seemed to embody his role as lawyer-turned-ranger-turned-vigilante, and managed to bring to the screen the differences in each of these aspects.

The structure of the film was the biggest downfall for me.  The way they “told” the story was just plain wrong and took away all the momentum the film would be building while actually showing The Lone Ranger and Tonto doing their thing, and this completely took me out of the film on multiple occasions.

I have also been hearing about complaints of too much gore in ‘The Lone Ranger’, but I don’t remember really seeing anything like that.  Sure, there was some implied gore as it was set during the Wild West era of the United States, but nothing that I felt would shrug off the PG-13 rating that it garnered.  Certainly nothing worse than can be found on cable television today.

Finally, Johnny Depp seemed to be a bit misplaced as Tonto.  In a role that could almost be said to be Captain Jack in facepaint, Depp was written as the primary focus of the film, and I think that was a disservice to the film that we could have gotten with Hammer’s Lone Ranger as the primary focal point.

There was just so much potential in ‘The Lone Ranger’ that the direction it was taken in is such a letdown.  The only hope is that the film makes enough money overseas to overcome the disastrous North American box office that is to come to warrant a sequel that focuses more on The Lone Ranger instead of Tonto.

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