White House Down

whitehousedownThe second of this year’s “War on Washington” films is ‘White House Down’, following up on March’s ‘Olympus Has Fallen’.  Starring 2012’s surprise hit actor Channing Tatum and Jaime Foxx, many hoped that this would be a repeat of 1998 when ‘Deep Impact’ and ‘Armageddon’, with similar story lines, found success in theatres.

Having seen both of ‘White House Down’ and ‘Olympus Has Fallen’, I can say that there are enough differences between them to allow both to have entertaining premises and give audiences enough to like both films.

While ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ was definitely a more serious film, ‘White House Down’ had more heart and more laughs than its earlier counterpart, and as a summer action movie, carried more special effects at times than ‘Olympus’ as well.

That being said, I found ‘White House Down’ to be the better overall film, but lacked the action that ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ brought to the screen.  As a lead, Channing Tatum did just as well of a job as Gerard Butler did, and Tatum definitely has more upside today in his career.

Probably my favourite actor in this film was James Woods.  Bringing two sides of a coin to life as the secondary character in the film, and that was a pleasant change from ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ as well, and one that was quite welcome.

All in all, while many will consider this to be “just another action movie”, and while that may be hard to argue with, ‘White House Down’ was quite entertaining and worth a watch for sure.

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