World War Z


After extensive reshoots including the entire third act and a budget that ballooned upwards of $200 million and being pushed back in the release schedule as a result, ‘World War Z’ finally hit theatres this past weekend and is a mixed bag of results.

While not necessarily a traditional zombie-horror movie but more of an action-thriller, what ‘World War Z’ did well was make an actual medical case for zombieism that makes sense in this day and age, and I thought that played really well during the film.

The one thing that has really jumped out at me this morning while writing this article is just how the reshooting of the third act impacted the film.  A couple of scenes really stand out, and once you stop to think about how those scenes happen, you can tell that the third act reshoot was rushed and the rewrite maybe not thought through all the way.

That being said, for the most part, ‘World War Z’ flows quite well and the plot is well done. Some possible changes to characters could have created a slightly more intense atmosphere which would have been a step forward, and hopefully we might see that should a logical sequel come to pass in the future.

Going into this film, I would highly recommend that audiences keep in mind that this is setup as a disaster film that uses a zombie virus as a plot device instead of making a it a horror flick that focuses on zombies eating flesh.  Much like ‘The Walking Dead’ does on TV, ‘World War Z’ uses zombies as a way to further the story instead of building the story around the zombies.

As a disaster based action thriller, ‘World War Z’ definitely does its job and deserves to be seen on the big screen, and Brad Pitt has rarely been better in recent years, as you can clearly see that he wanted to bring this film to life and did as much as he could to do so.

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