This Is the End


After a subpar effort from ‘The Hangover Part III’, and a lack of viable options for comedy fans, ‘This Is the End’ was used as counter-programming to this weekend’s other major release, ‘Man of Steel’, and was quite productive in doing so.

Setup as an end of the world apocalypse film, starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel as heavily fictionalized versions of themselves, ‘This Is the End’ is just as funny, crass, rude and laugh out loud unbelievable as ‘The Hangover’ originally was four years ago.

‘This Is the End’ had me on the edge of my seat laughing for pretty much the entire run length, and managed to do so in a manner that actually kept me guessing as to just how the film was going to end.

Some unexpected twists and surprises along the way managed to enhance the laughs from the film and do enough to further along the “plot” of the film as well.  While the plot is not the main reason to see this movie, there is still one there and in all honesty is not anywhere near as bad as it could have been, and full credit for that goes to Rogen and his frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg, who somehow managed to actually craft a full film out of this idea.

I would also suggest that you not go into this film expecting Oscar worthy acting, as that is just not going to happen.  If you go in expecting to laugh and have a good time, and finally see a comedy actually perform, you will not be let down by ‘This Is the End’.

Also, there are actually just enough special effects and CGI moments worthy of seeing this film in theatres on the big screen, so definitely take advantage of the opportunity to do so.

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