Summer Blockbuster Season – June Edition

May of 2013 has ended up setting a record for the opening month to the Summer Blockbuster season with the best May on record and it will be up to a couple of movies to keep that trend going in June of this year.  While June is traditionally a month for Memorial Day weekend openers to continue their run and Independence Day avoiders to get a week in at the end of the month, this year could be different with Warner Bros. Superman reboot right smack in the middle of the month.

This is the End – June 12


With ‘The Hangover Part III’ not being a total success at the box office and the floppish nature of ‘The Internship’, audiences could be clamouring for an R rated comedy by the time ‘This Is the End’ is released on the 12th of June, which could mean an opportunity to surprise for this film.

Man of Steel – June 14


The newest attempt by Warner Bros. to launch a successful DC Comics property other than ‘Batman’ into theatres, the ‘Superman’ reboot ‘Man of Steel’ should be the box office king in June.  The fear of opening a week before ‘Man of Steel’ forced ‘After Earth’ to move up a week to opening on May 31st, a move that still will not generate a positive box office buzz, but such is the power of the Last Son of Krypton.

World War Z – June 21


Based on the successful novel by Max Brooks, ‘World War Z’ looks to capitalize on the recent run of zombies in pop culture.  However, this film itself has been beset by budget and filming issues that forced it to be pushed back until the 21st of June, to come out a week after ‘Man of Steel’ and the same weekend as Pixar’s ‘Monsters University’.

Monsters University – June 21


Pixar’s first ever prequel film, ‘Monsters University’ will tell the story of how ‘Monsters, Inc.’ main characters Mike and Sully first became friends.  ‘Monsters, Inc.’ brought in $255 million back in 2001 and the new film is expected to go clear of that this time around as well.  A somewhat below par animated movie season so far this year should bode well for this film and expect ‘Monsters University’ to become yet another huge hit for Pixar.

White House Down – June 28


The last potential hit of June is the second White House terrorist film of the year, ‘White House Down’.  Following on the heals of February’s ‘Olympus Has Fallen’, this film starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx has the potential to be a surprise hit this summer.


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