Pain & Gain

paingainMichael Bay is well known for big budget films filled with larger than life concepts and giant explosions, but with his newest release ‘Pain & Gain’, Bay strives for something different to entertain audiences.

Featuring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson as muscle-bound criminals, ‘Pain & Gain’ is a stark departure for both actors and Bay, all three of whom who forwent salaries on the film to help keep the budget of the film down.  The final budget of the film came in around $25 million, which is the lowest cost of a film that Bay has filmed since 1995’s ‘Bad Boys’.

As a result of this lowered budget, this film is not an explosion filled CGI fest, but rather more of a crime based comedy, but despite this it was actually a bit of a unique film.  The problem with ‘Pain & Gain’ though is that no one really stands out in the film.  Wahlberg was clearly setup to be the lead, but when you are unable to relate to the lead of the film, it definitely leaves you with a feeling of lacking.

Dwayne Johnson really does his best to try and steal the film in the scenes that he is in, but I don’t feel like Bay is the best director to bring out the best in The Rock.  As a result of this, Johnson’s character just doesn’t come across the best way possible.

I enjoyed ‘Pain & Gain’ for what it was, yet I found it to be twenty to thirty minutes longer than it needed to be and that really hurt the film in the end.

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