Must See in 2013

2013 Top Ten Must See Movies

I did a light version of this on my Twitter account for 2012, and of the 10 movies I mentioned, I saw 9 (one got bumped back to this year) and of those 9, only 4 made my year end Top Ten list, so excitement does not always lead to quality at the end of the day, but then again, one of the movies that made my year end Top Ten wasn’t qualified because I didn’t look to gauge animated movies, something that has changed for this year’s list.

As we sit in January, there are currently 40 movies being released this year that are on my list that I would like to see in theatres.  I know I won’t get to see all of them, either due to time constraints or the fact they may not wind up playing in my city, much like what happened to Savages, Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook in 2012 for me, but if I get the chance to, I will take in most of those 40, plus some others that wind up popping up on my list.

So, the point of this article is to list the 10 movies I am most looking forward to in 2012, and the list is presented in order that the movies are going to be released.  Here we go:

A Good Day to Die HardFebruary 14

diehardYes, I am very excited for a 5th Die Hard movie starring Bruce Willis, and why not?  The original Die Hard is the best Christmas movie of all time.  Yes, I went there.  And the second Die Hard movie still makes me wary of airports to this day.  While it has been a long time since I sat down to watch the third film and I have yet to see the fourth one, a recent refound respect for the originals has put ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ on the list of must watches for me in 2013.

Jack the Giant SlayerMarch 1

jackthegiantslayerThis movie, as ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ was on my list of must-see’s for 2012 before it got bumped to 2013 and had a slight title change.  None of that has done anything to dampen my excitement about this movie.  The thought of an English-styled story about Jack and the Beanstalk with middle age knights is more than enough to keep my interest.  Now just to wait and see if it follows through.

Iron Man 3May 3

ironman3This should not surprise anybody at all, as most people know how much I love all of the Marvel Studios films that have been released so far, and the fact that I have long considered Robert Downey Jr. as the perfect option for Tony Stark.  After a drop in quality in ‘Iron Man 2’, I fully expect a return to everything that made ‘Iron Man’ the second biggest film of 2008.

Probably the nicest surprise is the inclusion of The Mandarin, the biggest enemy of Iron Man/Tony Stark in the comics as the villain of the third film and the fact that it is going to challenge the original ‘Die Hard’ as a Christmas time movie full of awesomeness is more than enough to drag me back in.

Star Trek into DarknessMay 17

startrek‘Star Trek’, the 2009 franchise reboot/timeline alteration from J.J. Abrams was so much more than just another standard Star Trek flick.  Not only would I say that it is my favourite movie of 2009, but I would be willing to go so far as to say that is the same for many others, and not all of those people would be classified as pre-existing Trek fans.  That is just how wonderful it was in truth.  As the marketing said, “this isn’t your father’s Star Trek”, and that was very true indeed.

Having seen the opening five to seven minutes of ‘Star Trek into Darkness’, it immediately moved to the top of my list for 2013, and that is saying something in a year that includes a new Iron Man film and the middle portion of The Hobbit, but that just goes to show how interesting and fun this reboot has wound up being.

Man of SteelJune 14

manofsteelWarner Bros. has struggled to make good movies from its stable of DC properties.  Personally, I find that ‘Batman Begins’ was the last truly great film based off of a DC “superhero”.  Both ‘Superman Returns’ and ‘Green Lantern’ were subpar efforts and I find that the hype of ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ overwhelmed both of those titles as well.

That being said, the trailers for ‘Man of Steel’ have done their job ten-fold on me and I almost hate to say it, but for the first time ever I am truly excited about a DC character to appear on the big screen.

Monsters UniversityJune 21

monsters‘Monsters, Inc.’ is in my top three list of favourite animated movies of all time, and even with scant footage actually released so far for the prequel ‘Monsters University’, I felt it was more than enough to break my golden rule of animated movies to include it in this list.

Usually animated movies are far too hard to judge until you sit down to watch them, and 2012 definitely held true as I was very disappointed with ‘Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax’ early in the year but completely fell in love with ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ near the end of the calendar.

A return to Monstropolis to see Mike and Sully getting their scaring education is a wonderful idea, and the teaser trailer with disco ball Mike is possibly the funniest teaser I have ever seen.  I still load it up and giggle to it when feeling a little blue.  Sign me up Pixar, you have another winner it seems.

The WolverineJuly 26

wolverine‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ is the worst movie that Fox has put out with the X-Men license, and despite my love for Hugh Jackman as the titular Canadian, I rarely watch this movie.  All of that looks to be fixed with the plot information so far on ‘The Wolverine’.

A film based after the original trilogy but with flashback scenes, based on his experiences in Japan, ‘The Wolverine’ looks to be everything that is right and cool with the title character and completely separate from the last film.  Also, with Hugh Jackman signed on for 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past film, will this somehow tie it together?  I can’t wait to find out.

Thor: The Dark WorldsNovember 8

thorYes, there are four comic book based movies on this list, and all four of them are actually here for different reasons.  ‘Thor’ did an admirable job of introducing the titular character to moviegoers, but the real star of that movie was Tom Hiddleston in his turn as Loki, and he even managed to turn that role into a scene stealer in ‘The Avengers’ as well.

Both Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth are back for ‘Thor: The Dark Worlds’ and it looks like Marvel Studios will be using this movie to further the galactic side to their cinematic universe that we first saw in ‘The Avengers’ and that will continue in 2014’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.  Look for this movie to be a marked improvement on the original as Marvel Studios looks to set up a tent pole for the future in November.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugDecember 13

hobbitI love Middle Earth, as evidenced by the 14 combined times I saw the three Lord of the Rings films in theatres and the 3 times I have already seen ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ so far.  Peter Jackson has crafted probably the most wonderfully amazing world I have ever seen in film, and the return to Middle Earth, even in 3D and in 48fps, as done little dampen my excitement.

I have spent the majority of time after my three viewings of ‘An Unexpected Journey’ trying to figure out what the closing scene will be for ‘Desolation of Smaug’ and while I think I have narrowed in on it, I was wrong with the ending of ‘An Unexpected Journey’ and December is a long way off to try and wait for it.

Jack RyanDecember 25

jackryanGrowing up, I was a fan of three authors:  J.R.R. Tolkien and his Middle Earth; Robert Ludlum and his Jason Bourne series; and finally Tom Clancy and his Jack Ryan books.  Two of those three authors have had their works transferred wonderfully to film, while the third as seen mixed middling results so far.

‘Jack Ryan’ is the chance that fans of Tom Clancy have been waiting for.  Featuring up and coming star Chris Pine, who headlines two movies on this list along with his role as James Kirk in ‘Star Trek into Darkness’, Paramount is upping the ante with ‘Jack Ryan’ as it tries to create a new franchise vehicle, including casting Kevin Costner in a two-picture deal as they try and get another Clancy novel ‘Without Remorse’ off the ground as well.

By casting a younger actor like Pine, Paramount is clearly looking at multiple pictures here.  In the books, we see Ryan go from a young CIA analyst all the way to President of the United States, so there is lots of time to see Pine grow this role if all is done well.

For all this and more, feel free to follow me on Twitter at @kymayer.  Cheers.


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