Jack Reacher

jackreacherOn Friday evening, I had the pleasure of taking in the new Tom Cruise feature film Jack Reacher.  I was completely blown away by how enjoyable this film was.  From the brutal action, to the humour, to one of the best car chase scenes I have ever scene on film, Jack Reacher was above and beyond anything I was expecting.

We all knew that Tom Cruise had the ability to carry an action movie with the Mission: Impossible franchise, but the Jack Reacher character is such a different character from Ethan Hunt that I wondered if Cruise would be able to pull off a ‘vigilante’ style character.  Not only did he pull it off, he managed to portray Jack Reacher as one of my favourite characters of 2012.

The car chase scene in this movie completely blew me away as well, and come to find out, Cruise did almost all of the driving stunts himself, increasing the awesomeness of the scene.

Jack Reacher was a hard-hitting, funny movie which proves that action movies that don’t rely on overboard stunts or fake-looking explosions can still be great movies that are enjoyable to watch.

I would highly recommend Jack Reacher to anyone that is a fan of the Mission: Impossible or Die Hard franchises, or to anyone else that is a fan of Tom Cruise movies.  In the end, I would say that Jack Reacher is one of my favourite movies of 2012.

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