I finally had the opportunity to watch Skyfall last night, and I will tell you this, they have successfully made me into a Bond fan.  Sure, Casino Royale re-invigorated Bond for the masses when it was released back in 2006, but much of that positivity was washed away with what many considered to be a sub-par effort with Quantum of Solace in back in 2008.

With MGM going through all of their financial issues after the release of Quantum of Solace, many worried that we would never again see James Bond in theaters.  Well, that issue has now been worked out, and four years since his last appearance in the role, Daniel Craig is back as the best James Bond for our current generation in Skyfall, and it was well worth the wait.

The over the top action was back, which has become much more of a hallmark of the Bond series since Daniel Craig was hired as 007 after what Matt Damon and the Bourne franchise did to kickstart the spy/action genre.  Also, situating the majority of the story in England and Scotland definitely increased the suspense level of the film and added to the audience attachment to the main characters.

Skyfall also introduced some new, recurring characters to the franchise and definitely felt like a bridge movie, taking us from the first two Daniel Craig led efforts to the next two, which are confirmed to be the first two Bond movies that tell one story, something that they have worked into the Craig movies so far, to a lesser degree.

Skyfall works on many levels, but possibly the best of these is how it brings to the forefront how cyber-terrorism is becoming more prevalent and the fact that this can be happening in the real world.  The spy genre of movies works best when presenting thrilling possibilities that make a person think, and Skyfall does just that, making you wonder just how realistic cyber-terrorism is and just how prevalent it might become in the future.

Skyfall also managed to keep me on the edge of my seat for the entirety of the almost two and a half hour runtime, and when that happens, and you don’t notice the time passing, that is a great sign that the movie has done its job in keeping your interest, and Skyfall assuredly does this.

Because of the history of the Bond franchise, with Skyfall being the 23rd movie in the series, may have other favourite films within the series, and a favourite Bond as well, but for myself, I find that Daniel Craig is my fave 007 and Skyfall is definitely fighting with Casino Royale as my top Bond flick, and I will have to wait for the release of Skyfall on Blu-ray in 2013 to finally rank them in order as number one and number two.

I highly recommend Skyfall not only for those that enjoy Bond in general, or the Daniel Craig films in particular, but to anyone that enjoys a movie with good action, good emotion and one hell of a good story.

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