Cloud Atlas

So, last evening I went and saw Cloud Atlas.  I had heard great things about the movie due to just how amazing the visuals were in the movie, as it was set in six different time periods, including two in the future.  I had also heard that the story was not really the greatest and to some people was actually quite a letdown.

For me personally, the visuals were in fact quite stunning, especially the ruined island in the farthest set time period in the future.  When you find out what island it is, it was like a punch in the chest for me.  But the true sign of how good Cloud Atlas was for me was the actual storyline.  While many others have panned the story as not being good, the story really, and I do mean really, touched me.

I try to not give away a lot of the plot or story of movies in these blogs when I write them, but I am inclined to touch a little bit on it in this one, just to explain why this movie moved me the way that it did.

Because I have never personally found a lot of stock in organized religion, I have had a lot of trouble defining just what I do believe in and how it impacts me.  While I may not definitely believe in re-incarnation, a part of me does believe in the ability for lives to be connected across time, even connected to the universe somehow, and that is the main point of Cloud Atlas, and that is why I was able to lose myself for almost three hours in this movie.

I freely admit that I got choked up a couple of times in this movie, and for once it was because of something that I have a belief system in, and that was nice.  What I will say though, is that with the way that the movie was structured, the beginning was hard to get into, but that as Cloud Atlas continued along, I found it easier to understand.  In the end, everything really tied in well together, and I really appreciated that.

While Cloud Atlas clocked in at just under three hours long, it really didn’t feel that way.  The only times when I remembered that it was that long of a movie where a couple of times when I stopped to ask myself, “I wonder just how much is left”, and not in a negative way at all.

Cloud Atlas is definitely not a movie for everyone, that much I will say.  But I will also say this: I feel everyone should give it a chance, be it in theatre or at home.  I was told that the story wasn’t all that great, and because of that, I took a flyer on Cloud Atlas on a cheap night when there were no other options for me to see a film.  I am one hundred percent okay with taking a chance on Cloud Atlas.

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