Wreck-It Ralph

On Sunday night I had the pleasure of enjoying what I would say is Disney’s best movie in years: Wreck-It Ralph. I have long been a fan of well-done animated movies, and I have to say that Wreck-It Ralph is the best animated movie I have seen in years, that is how blown away I was by this movie.

For a Disney Animation or Pixar film, it has been five years since I have enjoyed a movie this much, the last one being Meet the Robinsons. Overall, Despicable Me was the last animated movie that I truly found no fault with. That is where Wreck-It Ralph falls to me. For all movies that I have seen in 2012, this movie is right up there with The Avengers and Argo as my favourites of the year.

I will say this, having spent a fair amount of time in game arcades in my younger days, like many of the youth of my time, Wreck-It Ralph managed to contain a certain amount of nostalgia, and that was well appreciated during this movie. With cameos from such classic arcade characters as Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter, Q*bert, Sonic the Hedgehog, this movie features many gaming characters that I grew up with.

Wreck-It Ralph was able to hit on a cross-section of emotions in its less than two hour journey.  I laughed, a lot, I had the starting’s of tears; I was contemplative, and I all around at a really good time watching this movie.  And isn’t that what movies are supposed to do, entertain you?

In the end, this is exactly the kind of movie that Disney was hoping for when they bought Pixar Animation and put John Lasseter, who had been running Pixar, in charge of Disney Animation as a whole, and they have succeeded.  If Wreck-It Ralph does not win the Oscar for Best Animated Film, they got robbed.

For anyone that enjoys fun, animated movies, for anyone that has ever played an arcade game or a video game at home, Wreck-It Ralph is for you.  This movie is a return to glory for Disney, and I am quite thankful for that.

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