Some reviews for Looper that I had read pegged it as the best science fiction movie in years, so naturally, as a huge sci-fi guy, I was really excited about seeing the movie, which I finally did last night.  I will say this, I was left underwhelmed by the movie, and on the trip home, managed to loophole myself into tearing apart the plot.  Not what I was expecting at all.

Without getting into too much of the plot of the movie, so as to avoid posting spoilers for those who want to see the movie but haven’t yet, I will say this: The movie does involve some of the key issues that people talk about with time travel, like how actions impact the future.  But it didn’t discuss the one key issue I really thought it should have looked into.  It was like they completely disregarded all logic in how they advanced the plot through the movie.

I will say that Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt really brought together the dual role of Joe, the main character in the movie, and that the action scenes were really well done in the movie.

However, when they movie slowed down to tell backstory and try and further the plot, that’s when I felt things started to get convoluted and bog down, really taking me out of the movie.

I had been told to really pay attention during the movie, and I really think that that was a huge detriment to my ability to enjoy it.  I was paying TOO much attention to the movie, and started noticing things that, to myself at least, really didn’t make sense.

As a fan of sci-fi and time travel, I found that Looper left me wanting more, and to be perfectly honest, the ending, while it makes sense for the way the movie played out, was what started me down the road to dissect it that way that I have.

At the end of the night, Looper is my 51st trip to the theatre this year to see 43 different movies, and I would honestly have to say that Looper is my least favourite movie I have seen in theatres in 2012.

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