Finding Nemo 3D

While I am still not 100% if 3D is just a fad in movies right now, or if it is actually here to stay, I will say that in some instances, the 3D has been well worth the three dollar upcharge on tickets this year, but at other times, not really worth it.  And then you get all these old movies that are being re-released with the added “benefit” of 3D, like Titanic and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace earlier this year, in what is clearly a money grab for some studios.

Contrary to that is what Disney and Pixar are doing.  Yes, they are re-releasing some older movies into theatres with 3D, and in some of them, The Lion King comes to mind, some scenes definitely did not benefit from 3D due to how the scenes were originally formed.  The 1st Pride Rock scene from The Lion King is a perfect example of that, as the 3D seemed blurry as the camera panned too quickly in that scene.

Yet despite that, they continue to do so, and that is where the glory of Pixar truly shines thru, as we all know is not an uncommon occurrence.  Finding Nemo in 3D was gloriously beautiful.  The underwater backdrop definitely served to heighten the depth that the 3D brought out, and unlike other recent 3D up-converts, there were no blurry pan scenes that I can remember seeing.

It definitely feels that a 100% computer animated movie is the one most likely to benefit from a 3D up-convert re-release, and it was a pleasure to finally see Finding Nemo on the big screen, as I missed out on it the first time around.

Up next for Disney and Pixar is a 3D up-convert re-release of Monsters, Inc. in December to setup the prequel, Monsters University, which comes out on June 21st of next year.  Another movie that I am sure will be a home run from Pixar.

For this and more, feel free to follow me on Twitter at @kymayer, and as for me, looks like a couple of movies I have not seen in a while tonight, The Island and Semi-Pro.  Cheers.


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