Top Five Trilogies – #2 Star Wars Original Trilogy

On the weekend I continued the series on my personal top five movie trilogies of all time with the #3 entry on the list, the first three Indiana Jones movies.  Yes, I’m aware that it is no longer a ‘true’ trilogy, but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t including the fedora wearing Indy on my list.  To read that entry, go to this link:

Today’s blog will be looking at the #2 choice on the list:

#2 – Star Wars – Original Trilogy


Many will argue that this should actually be in the top spot on my list, as the trilogy in my top spot can be classified as one long continual movie, but as I am clearly looking at a series of three movies, the Original Star Wars trilogy slots into spot #2 on my list.

This trilogy, containing the oldest movie out of the 15 on this list, is a series of movies that have been beloved by three generations of Mayer’s, beginning with my father, then myself, and now my children.  The idea of running around with a sword made out of pure energy is one every child should be infatuated with.  So much so, that my favourite Halloween costume of all time was when I dressed up as a Jedi.

If you have never seen a Star Wars film (honestly, are there still people that haven’t) the level of joy and entertainment you will get from the Original Trilogy is astounding.

Starting with Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, or as it was titled when it was released in 1977, simply Star Wars, we are introduced to one of the greatest villains of cinematic history in Darth Vader.  His all black against the sheer white of the ship in the background is simply the best way to introduce a villain ever.

The introduction of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Force and the redemption of the Jedi’s and the Skywalker name are a clear overriding story arc throughout the trilogy, as is Luke Skywalker’s eventual attempts at redemption for his father, the fallen Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker.

As you watch the trilogy, the shock at the destruction of an entire planet in a brief moment can disorient a youngster, the destruction of the Death Star to save the Rebellion, the escape from the Empire on Hoth, to the dark tone of the Empire being in control at the end of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is almost too much to handle in sheer awesomeness, but finding out who Darth Vader is, is quite possibly the biggest shock I have ever had watching a movie in my entire life.

Honestly, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi is the weakest of all three films in the Original Trilogy, and the introduction of the Ewoks, or as I used to call them, the mini-Chewies, was a definite low point, the success for Luke Skywalker in finding redemption for Darth Vader is enough to move passed that and enjoy the movie.

If you have the ability to watch the original theatrical versions of the movies, before George Lucas decided he was going to mess with them, do yourself a favour and do it, do it in one sitting, and try and do it with a young child with you to see the awe in their eyes.  Nothing quite like showing future generations just what epic film making looks like.

In the coming years, we will see another theatrical release of the Original Trilogy, this time in 3D, and I for one cannot wait to see them once again in theatre.

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