Top Five Trilogies – #4 Jurassic Park

In my blog the other day, I talked about my fifth ranked trilogy of all time, Transformers.  The newest trilogy on the list, having just been completed last year, you can read about it here:

Today, we are going to continue on with the list, with the #4 choice.

4. Jurassic Park

To understand my love for Jurassic Park, you first have to understand one key thing.  Young children, especially boys, absolutely love dinosaurs.  They are enthralled with the thought of these giant monsters and how they aren’t around anymore.  Dinosaurs were a key part of my childhood, and they are a key part of the childhoods of my two young sons, as they both love, and I mean LOVE, dinosaurs.

I had read Jurassic Park before Steven Spielberg brought it to the big screen, and I credit it with introducing me to the wonder of seeing blockbusters in theatres.  This movie wowed me.  From the T-rex chase scene, to the hunting of the Velociraptors, and the frightening surprise of the Dilophosaur, the original Jurassic Park was so much and more to a not quite 14 year old me.

The sequel, The Lost World, is the #1 watched movie in our household, as both boys regularly choose it to watch.  While not perfect, seeing an adult T-rex rampage thru San Diego is amazing, and once again, the hunting of the Velociraptors is frightening, and to this day, I have a thing against long grass at night.

Jurassic Park III brought back Sam Niell as Dr. Alan Grant, but some other poor casting choices hurt this movie, and when watched with the first two movies, shows how current depictions of dinosaurs, like the Velociraptor, had changed, and sometimes can take you out of it.  While not my favourite of the three, I can sit down and watch it on its own and get more enjoyment out of it.

While not strictly a trilogy in one continuous storyline, all three movies utilize material from Jurassic Park and its book sequel The Lost World to give us three entertaining movies, and with the possibility of a long awaited fourth movie still out there, a return to Jurassic Park will always be in our hearts.

Not to be outdone, watch for Jurassic Park to be released in 3D in the first half of 2013.

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