Hello world!

This is going to be my 1st kick at blogging about movies.  I figure if I am already blogging about sports, which is my 1st non human love, I might as well do the same for movies, which is my 2nd non human love.  This might get updated frequently, as I do watch a lot of movies, having been to the theatre 48 times this year already, and with us owning over 400 movies on Blu-ray, you could say we are slightly addicted.

Today is going to see us go see The Bourne Legacy.  I was a huge fan of the books by Robert Ludlum long before Matt Damon made Jason Bourne a reality on the big screen.  Now, the movies are quite different from the books, and that’s just because of the difference in the era from when the books were written to when the films were made.

As for The Bourne Legacy, I can’t wait to see what Jeremy Renner can do in a solo role, un-dependant on established big characters like in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol or The Avengers.

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